Concrete prices for Bucharest and Ilfov

The concrete price list for Bucharest has been available since August 1 st 2016. Concrete prices are calculated for Bucharest area, within a radius of maximum 10 km from the concrete station; based on your location, may slightly vary depending on the distance from the concrete station (since transportation is included in the final price of the concrete). For a more accurate estimate of the concrete price, click the buttons below for the area where the site is located.

Concrete class: Old name: Compaction: Price/mc LEI (without VAT):
Concrete C2,8/3,5 B50 S2, Ø31    161 *
Concrete C4/5 B75 S2, Ø31    165 *
Concrete C6/7,5 B100 S2, Ø31    174 *
Concrete Prices C 8/10 (B150) Bucuresti and Ilfov:
Concrete C8/10 B150 S2, Ø31    180 *
Concrete C8/10 B150 S3, Ø16 181
Concrete Prices C12/15 (B200) București and Ilfov:
Concrete C12/15 B200 S2, Ø31     190 *
Concrete C12/15 B200 S3, Ø16   192
Concrete Prices C16/20 (B250) București and Ilfov:
Concrete C16/20 B250 S2, Ø31      203 *
Concrete C16/20 B250 S3, Ø16   207
Concrete Prices C18/22,5 (B300) București and Ilfov:
Concrete C18/22,5 B300 S2, Ø31      211 *
Concrete C18/22,5 B300 S3, Ø16   215
Concrete Prices C20/25 (B350) București and Ilfov:
Concrete C20/25 B350 S2, Ø31      223 *
Concrete C20/25 B350 S3, Ø16   227
Concrete Prices C25/30 (B400) București and Ilfov:
Concrete C25/30 B400 S2, Ø31     244 *
Concrete C25/30 B400 S3, Ø16   248
Screed, road concrete and stabilized ballast:
Screed S400 S3, Ø8   245
Screed S600 S3, Ø8   252
BcR 3,5 ** S2, Ø25      263 *
BcR 4 ** S2, Ø25      274 *
BcR 4,5 ** S2, Ø25      282 *
Stabilized ballast 5% semi-wet, Ø31   167

*The concrete is poured directly into the kneader (it CANNOT be pumped in).

**Concrete with crushed stone


Prices do not include VAT. All types of concrete shall be accompanied at delivery by a delivery note and subsequently by an invoice, a statement of compliance and quality certificate according to legal procedures (NE 012-1: 2007).

Transport in included in the price within a radius of maximum 10 km from to the concrete station. Additional distance (more than 10 km per direction is charged with 7 lei / km / direction).

Price for concrete pumping service:

  • 350 LEI/hour for the 24 or 36 ml pump.
  • 400 LEI/hour for the 42 ml pump.
  • 450 LEI/hour for the 47 ml pump.

In order to be pumped, concrete must fall within the S3 compression state (and maximum diameter for aggregates Ø16). All types of concrete contain a mixture of plasticizing additives. On request, any type of concrete can be produced (special recipes).

With the assistance of our collaborators we can offer you also the possibility to rent static pumps (with flexible or metallic tubing, length of 60m) at the price of 200 lei / hour.

ATTENTION! During winter (temperatures under 0°C) adding specific anti-freezing additives is mandatory (adhesive accelerator) and hot water. The price of these additives is 15 lei per cubic meter.

During the summer period (temperatures over 30°C) adding a retardant adhesive is mandatory. Its price is 10 lei per cubic meter.

For concrete with special permeability (P810) another 12/lei per cubic meter is added. Prices are negotiated based on the quantity delivered and on the payment method. We would like to point out that the price difference between the different areas is the distance from the gravel pit, the price of the aggregates and the delivery cost. Transport is free when the gravel pit is loaded to maximum capacity (5, 18 or 25 cubic meters). In the areas where a truck access fee is necessary, this translates in an additional cost which shall be communicated to the customer. These areas include Bucharest area A, Bucharest area B, Voluntari – Pipera, Pantelimon or Corbeanca.

For additional information please contact: 0723.555.888