For any kind of construction information, we are waiting you to contact us via phone  Betonix Phone: 0723.555.888 / 0721.665.486

Our purpose is to deliver
  • concrete
  • aggregates
  • services
best quality SERVICES

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Our company offers complete solutions for our clients’ needs in terms of preparation, transportation, casting and commissioning; as well as the supply of sand, gravel, ballast (aggregates) including other related services for to the construction sector.

Our purpose is to deliver CONCRETE, AGGREGATES (sand, gravel, ballast) AND best quality SERVICES along with transportation (such as pumping when necessary), setting new standards as far as professionalism and quality. That is why our service is provided only by senior experts in the field, in order to ensure the smooth running of our business.

For any kind of construction (civil / industrial) information, we are waiting you to contact us via phone or e-mail at the address for FREE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE. We assure you that every e-mail shall be read and you will be contacted in the shortest time possible by one of our engineers who will offer you a solution. Do not miss the section “Everything about concrete” where you can find more useful information!

The personalized price offer CONCRETE “ALL INCLUSIVE” (transportation, pumping, taxes etc.): Contact us via phone or e-mail in order to receive the best price for the area where your site is.

NEW(SALE):  Starting with the 1st of August 2016 we offer for rent a concrete vibrating machine (140 lei/day, we offer free transportation to your site in Bucharest, Ilfov and surrounding areas. We support in this way the clients who have requested this type of service, saving them from additional costs and transportation issues.

You can also find some very helpful instruments for the day to day life of construction workers (but not only!). You can find out the National Bank of Romania exchange rate for the main currencies or the weather forecast (ATTENTION: you must be very careful when pouring concrete plates in order not to have rain or to have temperatures of over 30ºC or under 0ºC, cases in which the concrete must be appropriately reinforced!)

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